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Urban Yoga Retreat + Ayurveda in Lisbon

The two power ladies from Foodprintz, Karo Tak and Lisa Dickmann, combine the best of two worlds in my opinion. Creativity and mindfulness come together in this dynamic Urban Yoga Retreat held from May 3 - May 6 in the vibrant city Lisbon. As I have a strong passion for the design / art field I am so thankful for the invite to give Ayurvedic Nutrition consultations during this Urban Yoga Retreat. In this retreat you will receive vegan food, Jivamukti Yoga classes and get inspired by Lisbon’s lively street art culture. For the retreat you can schedule an Ayurvedic nutrition consultation with me. So book your place and hope to see you on May the 3rd!


Photo ©: Silvia Lopes, Alexander Silva and Rui Gaiola

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