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"Susan is wonderful!!!   She provided us with such caring and calming support throughout the entire birthing journey (prep, birthing support, and post).  As a (male) birth partner, it was very helpful to have her supporting us, not only by preparing me and my love for the journey of our lifetime, but most importantly by providing my wife (and I) with the feminine support and presence we needed to feel during the birth.  She held us together in a very safe and sacred container. Susan was very generous with her time and energy throughout, and she provided us with all of the information/research/insight that we would need, in context to our specific birth plan, so that we were informed and prepared to make every decision we needed to.  She navigated the hospital staff and flow of information like the true professional she is, to the point where one nurse asked if my wife had any allergies, and Susan quickly answered her (accurately) before I could even make sense of the question!

The birth of our baby girl was the most sacred and spiritual experience of our life, and we are so so blessed that Susan was a part of it. Forever grateful for Susan❤️."

- Scott Greenhut, Los Angeles, California 

- Emily James - Topanga, Los Angeles, CA 

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