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Unlock your Birth Imprint

Do you recognize any of the following feelings: The need to control? The tendency to focus on the negative instead of the positive outcome? Any phobias related to travel, tunnels, the dark (nighttime), sleep, public speaking/to express yourself? Or do you feel shy in social situations? A sense of not fully belonging?

Prenatal psychology has shown that the foundation for those behavioral patterns or tendencies were led during our own birth experience (Chamberlain D., The Mind of Your Newborn Baby, 1988). Your mother's emotional state of being created an imprint in your limbic system.

Why are those imprints so important? The brain at gestation is in a heightened state of plasticity. Numerous neural networks are formed at that moment in time. External influences created a great impact on those networks affecting how we interpret and process information in our present life. This counts for the moment of conception, discovery (when your parents figured out they were pregnant), pregnancy, birth and postpartum. How they were feeling in those crucial moments is affecting our behavioral patterns to a great extent.

By bringing those imprints to our consciousness we can break the pattern in our current life and clear the path for any new child you are calling in.

Do you want to learn how to access those imprints? Join our free live regression session on July 12, at 12.00 pm. Send an email to to receive the zoom link. During this session we will do a meditation that helps you connect with the sensations you experienced in the womb of your mother. We will also talk about how this practice fits into the 4 pillars of the New Fertility Method.

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