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Postpartum and Birth Doula Support for Los Angeles, CA

My approach as an Ayurvedic practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, is combining Ayurvedic maternal care with evidence based knowledge. My background in science (Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts in cultural studies and market research) makes me value the latter and my own digestive and reproductive journey brought me to Ayurveda. I do believe in synergy.

My mission is to deliver every new family the care and support they deserve. Originally I am from Holland where the transition into parenthood is supported by many wholesome services that the government provides. Inspired by this system, I offer an inclusive as possible overview of resources when deciding on your birth environment, setting, maternal and newborn care.


Postpartum doula support

As a postpartum doula I help you as a family set up for a supportive and nurturing environment. My ambition is to make the postpartum period a special and easeful time. I focus on healing treatments for the mother/birth person, like massages, sitz baths, healing foods, lactation support, newborn care and massage. In our intake we will discuss how your family can benefit the best and we will create a tailor made plan. I believe if we take good care of the mothers, partners and newborns we are creating a society that is more wholesome, happy and healthy. Read more about my postpartum packages here. 

Birth doula support 

I believe when the birth person and partner feel safe and supported (emotionally and physically) the cascade of hormones can unfold in such way that benefits labor. For one person this means a birth at the hospital for another at a birth center or at home. The more we understand about the physiology of the female body during labor the better decisions we can make. Sometimes medical intervention is necessary and in these cases I will be an advocate for your birth plan. Read more about my birth packages here.​ 

”Birth is a rite of passage of women. Their journey should be honored, their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared.” – Marcie Macari  

 "Susan was my prenatal, birth and postpartum doula. Throughout our time working together I have learned so much about how to prepare for the big day. When in doubt, Susan had the right words to reassure me and give me strength. I felt heard, and I knew I could trust her.

When it was time to give birth, she made me feel comfortable and I had a natural non-medicated birth like I wanted to. 


During the postpartum phase she gave me oil massages, prepared healthy and delicious food and sitzbaths. When I needed some time to myself, she took care of my son and was able to soothe him in case he was upset. 

Susan was the extra support that we needed, because me and my husband don’t have any family here. During the time she worked with us she was like our family. I am so glad my midwife recommended her to me!" 

— Marie-Anne Pasquet-Gwon, Los Angeles, US

— Christine Engelfried, Los Angeles, US

"Susan was my postpartum doula when I had my first child. I can say that my recovery would have been so much harder and longer without her. She cooked me delicious healthy meals, gave me healing massages, and made sure I was feeling as well as I could. Emotionally and physically it was wonderful to have someone take care of just me as the first couple weeks of motherhood were overwhelming and exhausting. I highly recommend Susan to any mamas to be. Postpartum care is so important and having someone you can trust to get you through the initial period is crucial. Susan is that person. She has a warm gentle demeanor and has a way of making you feel loved and cared for. And she makes amazing food!!!"

— Solongo Gansukh, Los Angeles, US

 "It is hard to express how thankful our family is to have experienced Susan's loving support. In particular, working with Susan allowed me to connect back with my body. Having experienced an induction and cesarean my body felt quite distant like there was a part of my body that felt low and disconnected. During one of our first sessions, I felt my body shift into place as if to come back together. Moreover having experienced a difficult birth she helped me process my grief by holding such a beautiful and compassionate space. I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to continuing to use her services." 

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Did you know that 47,5% of women have a micronutrient deficiency during pregnancy even when they take supplements (Bailey et al, 2019)? 

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