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About me 

I support women in different stages of women's health: from fertility (preconception) through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester, as an ayurvedic practitioner specialized in fertility and pregnancy. 


I hold a and MA degree and have worked for a quantitative research company in The Netherlands. My passion for research and modern science is embedded in my DNA. Growing up with a dad working in the medical field it was inevitable. However, my own healing journey brought me to holistic, ancient (Eastern and Indigenous) and mind-body centered practices. When 14 years ago the Western doctors told me I would have to take medication for the rest of my life, Ayurveda helped me to solve the disease in 3 months. My symptoms never came back. 


My mission is to bridge the two worlds. Now is the time, more than ever, to combine ancient wisdom and modern practices, to empower women in their reproductive journey. You can transcend past events, trauma, pregnancy loss and even reproductive age to a healthy family life you desire. When we become aware of our innate power we can create the life we want. 

- Namaskar -

Certifications and trainings:
- Birth doula training and Childbirth education by Birthing from within (2021)
- Labor preparations workshop by Spinning babies (2020)
- Comforting Touch for Birth by Yiska Obadia

- CPR and first aid for adult, child and baby (certified until february 2023)
- Certified Detox Specialist by the Health Science Academy (2021)
-Certified Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor by the Health Science Academy (2021) 
- Certified Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor by the Health Science Academy (2020)
- Amba Female Embodiment training by Amba Movement (2019) 
- Postpartum Doula certified by Carriage House Birth (2019)
- Ayurvedic practitioner (Dravyaguna specialized in obstetrics and gyneacology) certified by Atreya Smith  European Institute of Vedic Studies (2018)
- Pancha karma internship with Dr. Shailesh Muli (2018)
- Integral Qigong practice leadership training certified by Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai chi 
- Dravyaguna training with Dr. Shailesh Muli (2017)
- Marma therapy training with Dr. Shailesh Muli (2016) 
- Zen Shiatsu (300 hours) + TCM certified by Oda  (2016)
- Dinacharya training by Vijith Sashidar (2015)
- Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking with Liese van Dam (2014)
- Ayurvedic practitioner training by The Academy of Ayurvedic Studies now known as Delight Yoga  certified for year 1 (2013) 

“Ayurveda taught me that the potential for healing lies in understanding nature, connecting with nature and adjusting to nature.“ 

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