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Herbs and Spices

Are you interested in learning about the 10 Epinutrients to optimize Fertility and overall health?  

This guide includes: 7 Ayurvedic recipes packed with Epinutrients and a top 10 overview of those nutrient bombs to support your reproductive health and overall longevity. 

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The New Fertility Method

The New Fertility Method 

The New Fertility Method is a 3-month conscious conception program bridging ancient wisdom (Ayurveda and TCM) and modern science. 

Calling in your future baby is a holistic and spiritual practice. The ancient sages knew how sacred this rite of passage was and therefore developed detailed sutra's on how to prepare for conception. From the subtle (subconcious, beliefs & energetics) to the gross levels (cycle syncing, epigenetics, diet, lifestyle & environment) we support you in detoxifying and tonifying practices. The method addresses the three yogic bodies: the physical, the astral and the spiritual body.


Through hypnosis, ritual and guided meditations we will  help you connect with your true essence - your ability to create. And help you remove any blockages that prevent you from having this deep connection with your spirit baby - and trust - in your body. 

This program includes:

- 1:1 sessions

- coaching

- bi-monthly group calls

- prerecorded material

- personalized practices and a diet plan 

Module 1 - The Mother Within

- Get clear on your ideal conception and motherhood scenario

- Access your subconcious and transmute fears and beliefs that might block you from conceiving

- Womb and meditation practices to neutralize past events (ranging from birth trauma, to birth control and pregnancy loss)

- Learn to connect with and trust the Spirit world (rainbow babies and future spirit babies) 

Module 3 - Embody your cyclical being

- The four menstrual phases 

- 4 fertility indicators

- Cycle tracking

- Learn how to sync your life with your cycle so that your energy, skills, and fertility are optimized

- Increase implantation success by the unique luteal phase after care plan 

Module 5 - Hack your Fertility (the Ancient Way - Ayurveda & TCM)

- Preserving and nurturing fertility fluids Ojas (Ayurveda) & Jing (TCM)

- Pranayama and lifestyle for fertility

- Improve your digestion (step 2)  

- Shukra Dhatu (the reproductive tissues according to Ayurveda)

- Tools to balance Apana Vayu (to prevent miscarriage) 

- Herbs for fertility 

- Fertility Recipes (Panchamrit)

Module 2 - The Fertile ground

- Detox and align your lifestyle, diet, habits and relationships to create a fertile environment

- Male Fertility 

- Dinacharya - Ayurveda's way to homeostasis

- Balance hormones

- Oral health & Fertility 

- Improve your digestion (step 1) 


Module 4 - Hack your Fertility (the Modern Way) 

- 3 types of aging and how to reverse reproductive age

- The role of oxidative stress on fertility and how to prevent it

- Evidence based personalized Fertility Diet (up to 4.6 years of reduced biological age) 

- "Epinutrients" to prompt your body to ensure the healthiest baby possible for you

Module 6 - New Fertility Rite of Passage 

- Define your fertile window

- Plant Ally diet to heighten your intuition and connect with the soul you want to call in

- An Ancient Way to conceive - Garbhadhana

- Systems for a supported motherhood

What Our Clients Say


Iris Rossi (Manager) - San Francisco 

"1 month after our program ended, I got pregnant." 
"I worked with Susan when my fertility journey became pretty challenging after having multiple miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. During our time together it went so much deeper than diet and lifestyle recommendations, we unpacked the root of it. Susan integrates somatic practices and delves into the beliefs people hold. It was a process of a lot of shedding, but 1 month after our program ended, I got pregnant."
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