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Are you considering circumcision for your baby boy?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Source: World population review

Even though circumcision rates are starting to fall rapidly, the US (64%) and Australia (26,6%) have still the highest circumcision rates in the Western world. Why is that? And is it necessary?

Besides religious reasons, like the Abrahamic covenant, it gained popularity in Britain in the mid-19th century to prevent masturbation and to promote castidy. A little later it was conducted in the US to treat boys with tight foreskin and other health issues.

Potential benefits?

Some clinical trials in Africa show that it can reduce the risk of contracting HIV. There are some studies that show it could prevent UTI’s and other viral infections. Results vary per study and per socio-economic status (Tobian, 2011).

What to take into account:

* Circumcision desensitizes the penis (foreskin is loaded with nerve endings) (Collier, 2022).

* There is no informed consent (but parents are acting of course in the best interest of their children) (Tobian, 2011).

* You can argue the foreskin acts as a protective layer (Collier, 2022).

* 51% of men circumcised in adolescence meet the criteria of PTSD

* Heart rate of newborns go up by 55 bpm during the circumcision procedure (Goldman, 1999).

* Cortisol levels are 3-4 times higher during circumcision (Goldman, 1999).

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