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Launch of Ayurvedic cookbook

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Yay! We launched a special Ayurvedic cookbook for women and their families. A network of 33 women from all over the world gathered to share their passion for Ayurveda with you! Lola Pena from Ayurveda from Women to Women is the driving force behind this female collective.

In this book, you will find recipes from my fellow colleagues, friends and teachers including: Sahara Rose, Claudia Welch, Amadea Morningstar, Miriam Alberts.

I developed four recipes for the book (a few of them are already published on my blog) with a focus on postpartum care. All recipes are vegan and builds tissue for new mothers. In the fourth trimester, it is very important to balance tissue-building foods with digestive herbs. This helps to prevent a weakened Agni.

Read more about this project.

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