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Pregnant and wanting to know the gender of your newborn?

Ayurveda offers diagnostics to reveal gender during pregnancy without taking an ultrasound

Are you pregnant? And would you like to know the gender of your newborn? I am happy to share an alternative diagnostic tool that Ayurveda offers and that everyone has at hand. You have more options than taking an ultrasound.

Around 18-22 weeks pregnant women have the option to identify the sex of the newborn through an ultrasound.

What does this ultrasound exactly do? It uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the baby. It is a useful tool to identify physical birth defects, to monitor baby’s movement, breathing and heart rate.

Does the baby notice anything during this assessment? The sound intensity of an ultrasound is 100 decibels, as loud as a subway train coming into a station. It doesn’t physically 'harm' the baby. If it is soothing their nervous system is another question.

Ayurveda puts a lot of emphasis on the wellbeing of the baby while he/she is still in the uterus. Especially to keep all the senses of the mother calm so that the baby will be calm. One of Ayurveda's main principles to allow for a healthy pregnancy and newborn to occur is by creating a peaceful environment. This applies to as well the internal as the external environment. That's why Ayurveda recommends to reduce the intake of intense information, like the news, or loud music, by the mom and to calm her senses, eat nourishing food, receive lots of oil massages (or do Abyhanga yourself).

So is there an alternative to this 18-22 week ultrasound?

Is it a girl?

Ayurveda says that when there is a baby girl on her way the uterus of the pregnant mama / person grows more towards the back. So the shape of the abdomen will be more oval. The navel will take the shape of a smile.

Is it a boy?

When there is a baby boy on his way, the uterus grows forward. The navel of the mother / birthing person will stick out more.

Thanks to my teacher Dr. Shailesh Muli

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