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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

21-Day Ayurvedic Detox - Get Better

Do you want to relax and improve your health during an Ayurvedic retreat in a peaceful surrounding? Get Better is an intense 21-day detox programme focused on deeply cleansing the bodily tissues from toxins or ama in Sanskrit. Next to our Get Well programme, this Ayurvedic detox is rooted in the ancient Pancha Karma tradition and taking place in the countryside of Portugal. In collaboration with Ayurday Nilayam and dr. Shailesh Muli this programme is developed to address disbalances and​ ailments like allergies, digestive problems, inflammations, over-weight and auto-immune disorders.


Quinta da Várzea, EN 118, n.13, Casa Branca, Alvega, 2200-145 Abrantes, Portugal


€ 4190 euro

Until June 5 - 15% discount

Price is based on private room. Please send an email to for more information regarding shared rooms.


4 nov - 23 nov


  • Consultation with Dr. Shailesh and diagnosis of Vikruti (current disbalance)

  • Daily contact with the therapist

  • Ayurvedic treatments on daily basis

  • Mid-term consultation with Dr. Shailesh

  • Personal (mono)diet adapted to the condition

  • Final consultation with Dr. Shailesh with prescribed diet and herbs (not included in fee) Accommodation (private room)


  • Transportion

  • Medication (herbs) after Ayurvedic detox programme

© Ceramics: Ursula Duarte

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