We all go through cycles in life. On a micro level, every month is an opportunity, for us women, to connect, transform and let go. We go through different stages of womanhood: from maiden to mother, from mother to wise woman. Every transition is an invitation to reset and recalibrate. Inanna Care provides support in these journeys - from fertility and menstrual cycles to postpartum and post menopause.  My main focus is on postpartum care in which I integrate different traditions to nurture this transformative stage in a woman's life. I hold space and bringing the ritual back to this sacred moment in life are part of this. I am there to support each moment in this process. I offer abyangha massages to calm the nervous system with home made oils. I also bring in soothing techniques from herbal baths to aroma's, from infusions to healing pads, in order to create a space for connecting. 

”Birth is a rite of passage of women. Their journey should be honored, their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared.” – Marcie Macari  

Fourth Trimester Postpartum Full Package

-    1 prenatal planning session

-    1 prenatal Ayurvedic diet session
-    15 days of postpartum care (2,5 - 3  hours support at your home): food preparation, massage, baby care, sitz baths and optional: herbal infusions (with galactagogues). *

This package is meant for women that are looking for intensive support during the ongoing journey of motherhood that continues in the fourth trimester.  The needs per family vary so this package will be tailor made accordingly. 

* Are you looking for support but not for the full stretch of the fourth trimester? Please contact me at info@inannacare.com. 

The Gentle Passage


- Ayurvedic oil massage (with homemade oils) 

- Nourishing Food (1 meal a day)

- Diet plan for recovering hormones

- Emotional support

Are you looking for some extra support during this delicate transition? In this 5-day support program after an early pregnancy loss I will be there to listen, support and aid the healing process. 

 "It is hard to express how thankful our family is to have experienced Susan's loving support. In particular, working with Susan allowed me to connect back with my body. Having experienced an induction and cesarean my body felt quite distant like there was a part of my body that felt low and disconnected. During one of our first sessions, I felt my body shift into place as if to come back together. Moreover having experienced a difficult birth she helped me process my grief by holding such a beautiful and compassionate space. I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to continuing to use her services." 

— Christine Engelfried, Los Angeles, US

“Supporting a family postpartum requires a very intuitive, balanced and grounded soul — Susan is that and so much more. Her comforting touch of massage allowed my body to release energy from birth and exhale into the recovery phase. She nourished our bodies with delectable warm, healing foods — each meal was filled with love. Susan’s loving support during our most vulnerable period was a key ingredient in navigating the ebb & flow of the postpartum journey with our first born. We are eternally grateful.”

— Brooke Johnston, Los Angeles, US

"I can't express my gratitude enough for the love and care Susan provided during the early days in my motherhood. She made me feel at ease. In my new role as a mother but also in my body, mind and feelings. Me and my daughter are so grateful for all the things she did..... Susan had the sensibility to be there when needed and had a neutral presence at times when my family needed space to adjust to each other. That is a precious ability. 

What Susan showed me, can't be read from a book or seen online. She gave us the best start for the rest of our lives."

— Joseline Haverman, Den Haag, NL

"Susan is a knowledgeable and compassionate ayurdoula. She is a great chef and a gentle massage therapist. She is intuitive and kind-hearted. I am so grateful to have met her. She is a joy to welcome into my home and a luxury every mom deserves."



— Crystal Cruz, Los Angeles, US

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