What does Ayurvedic healing encompass? What can Ayurveda do for our digestive system? How does food act as medicine? How can Ayurveda improve and ease the transition into motherhood?


I was invited to talk about this subject with Mason ​Taylor founder of herbal brand Superfeast in this podcast

"Supporting a family postpartum requires a very intuitive, balanced and grounded soul - Susan is that and so much more. Her comforting touch of massage allowed my body to release energy from birth and exhale into the recovery phase. She nourished our bodies with delectable warm, healing foods - each meal was filled with love. Susan's loving support during our most vulnerable period was a key ingredient in navigating the ebb and flow of the postpartum journey with our first born. We are eternally grateful. "   


- Brooke Johnston - Los Angeles


Everything has a natural rhythm: the ocean, the moon and our inner being.

Ayurveda distinguishes five symbolic elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) that whirl within and around us.  To pursue health and well being, we need to understand how these inner and outer elements interact. 

We can reach balance in all cycles of life when implementing these ancient principles. Inanna Care is here to guide you, whether it be through a healing journey to address digestive and cycle issues or your intimate journey transitioning into motherhood.

Inanna Care offers: postpartum Ayurvedic doula service, Ayurvedic digestive programs (IBS, Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis), Ayurvedic food and meal plans tailored to your constitution or customized for your retreat, and Ayurvedic massage. 


Inanna Care is based in Los Angeles. Its main ambition is to share food and plants as medicine.

"And he knew that food was Brahman. From food all beings are born, by food they live and in food they will return."

- Taittiriya Upanishad 3.2 

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