Intuitive Touch 

All the treatments are rooted in the practice of “knowing touch” which is basically an intuitive form of massage. I have been living in India to practice this form of massage as part of a Shiatsu / Chi Kung training. This forms the essence of the treatments; a meditative state from which relaxation and balance in body and mind can be realised.

Abhyanga Massage 

In my massage practice I combine Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage with Marma Therapy depending on the needs of the person. Abhyanga is a type of massage in which oil is used to balance the Dosa’s and especially Vata Dosa. Oil means Sneha in Sanskrit which has also the meaning of love. This is a nice metaphor for the effects that it has on body and mind.


Marma Therapy 

From a Western perspective Marma Therapy is a form of massage that stimulates the points on the body where a juncture of several tissues are present like: muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. This improves the circulation and calms the nerves. However, in Ayurveda the meaning goes beyond that; these Marma points are considered as doorways into higher states of conscious from which healing can occur.

Charaka Samhita states in the ancient texts:

 “The body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much even if subjected to accidental injuries, or strenuous work.“ 

-  verse 88:90

Prenatal and postpartum massage 

I offer prenatal and postpartum Abyangha massages (75 min) with homemade oils (Dashamula / Dhanvantaram / Mugwort) in your home. 

Price: $ 175






"Susan's perception of the interconnection between mind, body and emotions, creates a powerful but gentle massage that transforms the one who experiences it on every level of being. The effects can be felt days after the massage." 


Guilherme Leite - Lisbon, Portugal 


"I had been struggling for a while with complaints due to a broken arm. Through the massage I suddenly felt the energy flow through my arm. From that moment the healing process really started. During the treatment she asked me some questions that made me more aware of how my body (& I) were functioning. My whole body could relax and all stress came out after the treatment. It caused a turning point in the healing of my arm."


Annejet van Elderen - Breda, The Netherlands

"I'm a regular cliënt of Susan. Her massages have become part of my routine. They are gentle and precise. She prepares the session in advance which makes it a personalised treatment and therefore more effective. Susan pays a lot of attention to the surrounding: smell, sound, temperature, and light. They work together to create the perfect space to calm the body, mind and in my case sometimes to get rid of some muscle aches too." 


Eveline Vreeburg - Lisbon, Portugal

"Susan applied a subtle, skilled touch which allowed me to feel lightness, as in a meditative state. With moments of profound connectedness to my body also, this was a highly insightful, present and compassionate massage."

Elizabeth Ball - Lisbon, Portugal