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What if we would look to food as pieces of art? These Milk Thistles, contain a special action, which is called Prabhava in Sanskrit. A Prabhava means that a herb or plant contains a specific combination of elements that as a whole has a specific potency to address physical or mental disbalance. This means that its action cannot be explained by understanding its individual components and accompanying properties. It simply works as a union. In the case of the Milk Thistle it is a Rasayana that regenerates the liver, which is in my opinion proof that they are pieces of art.


The Milk Thistle or the official Latin common name: Sylibum marianum is known already for centuries and was used by the ancient Greeks and medieval European herbalists for several ailments This plant is known for its secretive effect on the bile from the liver and gall bladder. Traditionally the plant was used as a liver tonic and this effect is supported nowadays by several biochemical studies showing a protecting effect on the liver cells from chemical damage. In several liver and gall bladder disorders like hepatitis (A & B) this herb can be an effective remedy. Also in cases of cirrhosis. In Ayurvedic terms it has on all dosha’s (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) a pacifying effect. Especially for the Pitta imbalances it can be a powerful plant especially imbalances that have weakened the liver and spleen or in cases of premenstrual Pitta symptoms. Only in excess it can aggravate the Vata dosha.

PK -

V =

Virya = Cooling

Vipaka = Pungent 

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