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Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar? Fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, inflammation or gas? Unfortunately, these symptoms are nowadays common, though not natural. In my practice, the focus is on giving you a better understanding of how your unique body functions and identifying which foods, habits and lifestyle choices are compatible with your specific body type (constitution in Ayurveda).  Sometimes, minor dietary changes can have substantial results, and sometimes the change that is required is more profound. It is not always easy to disaccustom yourself of eating patterns. You will get introduced to a healthy diet (and recipes) in a step by step and practical approach that is not radical but transformative. 


`”Food, Anna, is the basis of life, Prana. It carries the life-force and sustains it in the body.” – David Frawley   


Well-being package 

-    One consultation with dosha analysis (approx. 60 - 75 min)
-    Unique diet + meal plan for your body type 
-    3 sessions (every 2 weeks there is a check in) *


This package is meant for you if you want to improve your well-being and digestion. It targets more general digestive issues like bloating, gas and constipation. 

Health package 

-    One consultation with dosha analysis (approx. 60-75 min)
-    Unique diet for your body type  
-    6x bi-monthly sessions *

This package is meant for people that want to work on health conditions like: diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or IBS. In general, with auto immune disease we need one month of treatment per year that the client is suffering from the disease. 


*These sessions take approximately 30 min depending on the situation. 


"Since more than a decade I suffer from IBS. On my search for help with Ayurveda I found Susan. Immediately I felt super comfortable with her what helped me a lot to speak honestly about all my struggles. 

"Besides her profound knowledge she has the gift of sensing people and feels exactly what they need. With her work on the physical-, emotional- and mental level she helped me to understand that each of them is equally important and combined they have a stronger influence on the healing process. During my 2 month treatment my symptoms decreased and some of them even disappeared completely. I felt supported in any possible way and I am more than thankful for her work with me."


Lena Sundermeier - Berlin, Germany 

“I love my Ayurvedic sessions with Susan. She explains foods and recipes that calm inflammations in my body.  I now follow Ayurvedic principles, and make healthy food tailored to my needs.  My digestion has improved 100 %!  Since I live in the US and she in Portugal, I love our “one on one” Skype sessions with my dedicated and extremely knowledgable Ayurvedic teacher! “


Marina Isaac - Phoenix, United States 

"Susan really got to the bottom of my case. She delivered a complete and easy-to-follow plan. Most important to me, I actually feel a lot better after almost a year of pain. Now I have a plan that I can always go back to if I need. For now, I don't need it anymore. My digestion has been normalised. She was genuine and not judgemental which really helps, but above all she is really interested and investing in making you feel better.


Thank you again Susan."


- Mathieu Fustec - Paris, France